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Our Recruitment Solutions

We provide recruitment services to our clients to find the right person is for the right job. At DC Consultants we
passionately believe that every organisation has different needs. We therefore treat each recruitment project on
an individual basis, with the overall objective of adding value to both the organization and the individual’s life.

-Based on our client requirements we do a thorough screening of candidates which results in correct choice of professionals .
-We are engaged in executive search/head–hunting, predominantly for all type of industries and Across the Levels in all geographic locations.
-We shortlist our candidates from across sources and after proper screening recommend for client interview.

Our Various Data Sources: 

  • Various Job Portals
  • Head Hunting
  • Social Hiring(LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter)
  • Press Advertisement
  • Our Own Database
  • Educational Institutions
  • Candidate apply to our Consultant
  • References

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DC Consultants
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Mobile: +91 93230 10125
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